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 Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11)

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Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11) Empty
PostSubject: Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11)   Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11) EmptyThu Jan 13, 2011 12:28 am

Hey now i can publish my first picks here in this forum. First i have to say sorry for my english it's not very good... but I hope you can understand me and excuse grammatical mistakes.

Today there came the odds for the first matchday in Bolivia. In this moment Bwin is the only one bookmaker who offer this league but in 1-2 days at least 6-8 other site will offer this games. The Bolivia odds can drop fast so i post now the picks for sunday evening. I can recommend you to bet this games in the next days.

3 matches in my opinion are very interested and have a high Value.

1.Bolívar - Real Potosí

Bolivar is the record champion in Bolivia, the last season they knocked out in the semi-final in spite of 5:1 home victories against San Jose. The last season Bolivar had a 6-5-0 (22:12 goals) home balance.

Potosi booked in the Clausura only the 7th place with a 3-3-5 (15:20 goals) away balance.
Bolivar hold all importand players. The team goes almost without changes in the new season. Really Potosi has sell with Augusto Andaveris, Oswaldo Loayza and, the star striker C.Ruiz (12 goals last season) the best players.. Everything really speaks for the home victory.

Bolivar @ 1,75 Bwin Stake : 4/10

2.Aurora - San José

The last season Aurora played a very good season and was with 9-1-1 (23:11 goals) a homebalance one of the best teams. San Jose also played a good season and put down a 3-3-5 (18:23 goals) away balance. Aurora could hold all players and has buy some good plays (for example :Augusto Andaveris). I expect Aurora is a Top 3 team this season.

San jose has sold many players, indeed the topstriker Regis De Souza.

The Head to head speaks with 7-3-1 (26:13 goals) for a home victory.

Aurora @ 1.75 Bwin Stake: 4/10

Universitario - Blooming

Universitario finish the Clausura the last place they play with 5-4-2 (15-10) a solid home season. Blooming reached the 6. place with a 2-2-7 (7:16 goals) away balance.

Most important striker from Blooming Roberto Galindo (35 plays 22 gates) transfered to Mexico.

Head to head: 8-1-1 (19-7). Also here everything speaks for the home victory.

Universitario @2.05 Bwin Stake : 3/10
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Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11)   Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11) EmptyMon Jan 17, 2011 10:38 pm

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Bolivia Matchday: 1 (16.01.11)
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